AMAR RAIGANJ (আমার রায়গঞ্জ)

Welcome to Amar Raiganj, A public portal website for the people of Uttar Dinajpur. This site is build for those people who are wants to get information/news about Uttar Dinajpur (i.e. Raiganj, Kaliyaganj, Islampur, etc.)


Thank you for visiting my website. Please leave a reply as a feed back on this website. I will glad to see your opinion.


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10 thoughts on “Reply

  1. Dear Niladri, great work done………. wonderful to see someone from Raiganj trying to upload information related to the region…….. it would help a lot of people……………. meanwhile, an article on our very own TENAHARI village appeared in the Statesman recently ( If possible, please create a lint to this article in your blog. Also note that the author is SMARAJIT GHOSH and not AMARAJIT GHOSH as is printed. The Statesman admitted its typing error later by publishing my letter (

  2. Thanks for the visiting my website. I’m just now busy with some others work, and I’ll must be upload the article which you refer as soon as possible. And thanks again for your support.
    With regards, Niladri Pal.

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