AMAR RAIGANJ (আমার রায়গঞ্জ)

Welcome to Amar Raiganj, A public portal website for the people of Uttar Dinajpur. This site is build for those people who are wants to get information/news about Uttar Dinajpur (i.e. Raiganj, Kaliyaganj, Islampur, etc.)

Organization and Management

Raiganj College Logo - Amar Raiganj

The College being a University College of the University of North Bengal, is under the direct management of the University. The Governing Council, Teacher’s Council, and Non-Teaching Council of the college together share the responsibility in the smooth running of the college. In general, the Principal looks after the overall functioning of the college. Various Committees are formed with responsible teaching and non-teaching staff to co-ordinate and monitor academic and administrative works of the college. All the local decisions of the college are taken in a transparent manner through Committees (cell).
1.    Acedemic Monitoring Cell.
2.    Student’s Skill Assessment and Development Cell.
3.    Teaching Plan Development Cell.
4.    Non-Conventional Learning Process Development Cell.
5.    Social Service Cell.
6.    Future Plan Development and Beautification Committee.
7.    Library Service Cell.
8.    Health Care and Physical Education Service Cell.
9.    Alumni Association Cell.
10.    Student’s Career Councelling Cell.
11.    Student’s Recreational and Leisure Time Facilities Cell.
12.    Administrative and Management Improvement Cell.
13.    Teacher’s and Employee’s Welfare Cell.
14.    Moral and Civil Responsibilities Awareness Cell.
15.    NAAC Co-ordinator.


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