Hi Guys, This is I shearing my bad experience about buy a mobile phone via online shopping from webstore “needs4u.com“, it may be help you.

I am Niladri Pal, from Raiganj. On January 23, 2013 I purchased a SONY XPERIA P mobile phone from needs4u.com.

On 24th January a guy from the store called me and confirm that which colour I want, I selected Red, He told me It will dispatched soon and delivered in 3-4 Business day via RMS courier. After 5days I didn’t received anything then I called the customer care (+91-8121223456), same guy who called me before received the call and told me my Phone not delivered because my location doesn’t covered under RMS Courier and it had got back to the store. He asked me which reputed company available in my town, and I referred to DTDC  Courier’s name. He confirmed me my parcel will be sent via DTDC Courier soon. I relaxed with the chanting. But after 3/4days nothing arrived to me, then I got nervous and I contacted with that number, and ask for my waybill/reference number. After that day I called there 10- 20 times and asked for my  waybill/reference number. Many unexpected reason they’re showed me which cleared to me that I did mistake and this a fraud online shop. Then I called a friend who lived in Hyderabad who confirmed me there are nothing which address given in the website. I got worried and continuously I tried to convince the guy (+91-8121223456) that he refund my money soon. After a long war (Me and My friends Called there many times) that guy refund my money with deduction of 600 Rupees.