Weight gain is hard work for everyone even though there are trainers who say it is easy for some. It’s under eating that can be the problem. That means your training becomes restricted by how much you can eat. It comes back to the old theory. To get BIG, you need to eat BIG – and the time to do this is when you’re young – when your body is building.

Weight gain diet and nutrition is so important for results. If budget is a concern, try using tinned fish as the basis of your weight gain diet. Replace fresh meats like steak and chicken with tinned tuna and tinned salmon. You can also drink skimmed milk in place of protein drinks. However whilst the protein content of milk is excellent, the ratio of protein versus sugar isn’t as good as protein drinks. (2 liters of milk contain 36g of protein but also 48g of sugar – not so good!)

Eggs are another inexpensive weight gaining food to eat for bulking up – their yolks contain healthy fats and are rich in nutrients.

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day

Eat as much as you can at breakfast time. Many people gaining weight neglect to do this and you have to remember that your body rebuilds muscle all night long – even as it ‘starves’. So, it needs nutrients when you awake.

Protein Drinks

One easy way to beef up your calorie intake by around 200 per day is to consume protein drinks straight after your meal. Protein drinks containing 30-40g of protein that are also low in sugar are the ones to go for. Many protein drinks have more than 40g of sugar and too many carb calories can get stored as body fat rather than built into muscle tissue.

Late night meals

Your late night meal is important. You should take in 30-40g of protein before bed so that your body has a supply of amino acids whilst it recovers overnight. Another protein shake is the answer – or cook a piece of fish and some mixed vegetables.

By referring to this sample of what to eat to gain weight, you should find it easy to create your own personal weight gain diet plan. The times given are only examples – of course you’ll probably wish to shift your meal times for convenience according to your personal circumstances. Weight gain diets are easy when you know how – it’s simply a question of discipline.