Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung GT-S3310i Mobile Phone

Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung GT-S3310i Mobile Phone : An User’s Review

Hi, Everyone! I purchased a new Samsung GT-S3310i (Metro) Mobile Phone on the 24.08.2010. I’ve used it full two days and I realize these advantages and disadvantages in this phone. Basically my review on its software and features related. May be it help you.

Advantages: In my point of view, this phone have following advantages than old Samsung phones like Samsung GT-S3310g etc.

1. Finally Samsung solved Bluetooth file transferring problem to direct memory card. In older version, it was really painful for users.

2. Sound quality in headset is more clear than older version. Obviously its a great gadget for cheap budget users, Thanks Samsung for this.

3. Samsung solved all the software problems like Music Player Song Searching, Colorful Theme Icon, Backing up users contacts, messages, tasks, calender memos, notes etc. all these are good features and useful for user, Samsung introduced in this newer version.

4. The new Samsung GT-S3310i comes with a greater display, and main screen graphics, which is much helpful and smart to use. And it gives a new age looks to your phone. Its nice.

5. Java Platform is good than older version.

Disadvantages: This phone have also some disadvantages which is the reason for users.

1. Bluetooth is slower more than older version. Just 18-20kb/sec transferring speed is not good to share objects.

2. 2MP camera is good, but not like older version’s clarity in its. Older Samsung GT-S3310g takes 2MP size photos at 180Pixels resolution, but it has just 72 pixels capture capability and also light adjust problem.

3. The camera doesn’t works when you changed a theme option, and menu transaction option. It just appear a black screen by clicking capture button. Its a big problem.

But at Rs. 3750 (INR) its a awesome phone. You would be happy to use it at this budget. Please write a comment on this review to correction any mistake in it.


37 thoughts on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung GT-S3310i Mobile Phone

  1. i hav also bought the same model,but can u tell me please how i can connect my this new mobile through the pc suit using data cable,beacause there is no option “pc studio” in setting menu->pc connections->.there are only 3 options ,samsung kies,mass storage and ask on connection.plz help me

    1. Dear Virendra, I will be glad if I’ll solve your problem. But I Haven’t a data cable, or PC suite to experimenting your said problem. Wait, I will solve it soon.

    2. Hi everyone,

      I’m also facing the same problem in internet connectivity. I tried installing Samsung Kies, but it wont be installed if you dont have a internet connection. And somehow I installed Samsung Kies in a pc which have a bet connection and found that Samsung has no option for setting up a internet connection. It merely connects your phone to Samsung App-Store. If anyone could able connect GT-S3310i to pc and surf internet from PC kindly share here.

      1. Hey Niladri ! Thanks a lot, I was abt to sell my phone… 🙂 Thanks for saving it.

        Your suggestion worked for me! AMAR RAIGANJ ZINDABAAD !!!!

  2. my samsung gt-s3310i mobile has a software problem..
    all the call log profiles and contact list vanishes..
    already i have updated the software twice even though the same problem occurs..
    so please get me a solution how could solve this problem

  3. i have this phone is very good but from two months it is showing some problems …my mess folder got hang some time ,,it takes 100 rs to repair plz tell me which software i used to solve this problem

  4. @Aniket Pachpute, You cannot download themes for this model. But the phone has in-built theme creator which provides all the effects desired (wallpapers, menu background, patterns, transparency etc.). You can use it to create your own themes!

  5. @raviteja, Updating the phone software should have solved this.
    You should visit Samsung service center. Or keep a backup of contacts and messages and register them to phone when required
    When does this problem occur? Any other clues…like when restarting, connecting to pc etc….?

  6. i can’t play some songs on the same phone. I am getting this message “unsupported file”. it is also a mp3 file. But i am not able to listen to them. pls help me.

  7. hai,i recently bought this mobile.i can’t able to install ucbrowser.please sugest for best browser,version for my samsung gt s3310i

  8. Guys, download shmessenger…. It works smoothly on samsung s3310i mobile phone, you can chat on facebook, yahoo, etc with this app. It is far better than preinstalled palringo messanger. Available at getjar. 😉

  9. Download samsung kies from this software will help you to sync your s3310i to your pc..i downloaded kies . its work fine with my pc and mobile .. download it.. then during the installation download Samsung usb drivers…..
    after installation connect your s3310i to pc via usb cable…
    and see its working fine..
    but guys,
    samsung kies won’t allow you to connect..
    its just for syncing your pc and mobile…
    as NILADRI says for connecting internet on your pc by your mobile,, download ICM from install it and lets enjoy… 🙂

  10. how to activate internet pack on my samsung s3310i red colour…..wat are the settings changes to be followed……pls reply me

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